ACR Sweden, ANS Finland partner on training

ACR Sweden has signed an agreement with ANS Finland to develop an air traffic controller training programme, starting in October.

High levels of retirement among air traffic controllers in Sweden and Europe has increased demand and ACR Sweden needs between 10 – 12 newly trained air traffic controllers each year. The recruitment process for new trainees to be educated in Finland, began this spring.

“We are impressed by the professionalism and transparency ANS Finland has shown during our procurement. Among the six received tenders, ANS Finland stood out as the strongest in our evaluation. It is crucial for ACR to cooperate with partners and suppliers understanding our business as well as letting us be part of and letting us influence the process. Training air traffic control professionals is costly and it is important that we together with our supplier aim for as high a success rate as possible,” said Wilhelm Wohlfahrt, CEO, ACR Sweden.

Matts-Anders Nyberg, Senior Vice President, ANS Finland added: “The agreement with ACR is a very important step forward for ANS Finland and we are happy to establish this cooperation regarding education of air traffic controllers for ACR. ACR develops its operations and competences in order to become an acknowledged service provider internationally within the air navigation services and ANS Finland can support this strategy by providing tailor made training programmes.”

ANS Finland, owned by the Finnish state, is responsible for managing the use of Finnish airspace as well as providing flight route and air navigation services at airports in Finland. ANS Finland is also responsible for basic and further education of air traffic controllers.

The training programmes take place in modern premises near Helsinki-Vantaa airport. ANS Finland has approximately 450 employees and a turnover of approximately €80 million. ACR provides air navigation service at 15 regional airports in Sweden and has begun an international expansion. ACR Sweden has 112 employees and a turnover of approximately 150 million Swedish crowns.

Since the deregulation of air navigation services in Sweden in 2010, ACR’s client airports have decreased their costs by 30 – 50 per cent,

“We are looking at cost savings of several million Swedish crowns a year for airlines and airports alike. State owned and privately-owned companies operating air navigation services provide the same high level of safety. We see most airports in Europe as our potential future customers,” said Wilhelm Wohlfahrt.

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