Eurocontrol alert system to warn all controllers on aircraft judged 'unsafe' to transit EU airspace

Eurocontrol has deployed a new system to prevent unsafe aircraft from entering European airspace.
Since November 2016, any non-European aircraft that enters the European Union needs to have a single safety authorisation valid throughout Europe called “third country operator authorisation” or TCO.
The new system will alert any air traffic controller from EU members states that an aircraft which does not have such an authorisation is trying to fly to the Union. The aircraft will then be denied access to the airspace of that member state.
The new system is the result of close cooperation between the Commission, Eurocontrol and the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) in a joint effort to put in place the best possible enforcement tools for aviation safety.
The TCO system joins the large family of support activities for European Union aviation safety programmes performed by Eurocontrol. “In our role as Network Manager, we provide support to the EU’s Safety Assessment of Foreign Aircraft (SAFA), Safety Assessment of Community Aircraft (SACA) and ACC3 (Air Cargo or Mail Carrier operating into the Union from a third country airport) programmes as part of our safety and security alerting services,” said Eurocontrol.