NAVBLUE, Airbus, Thales link with EU-China industry partners to optimise Shanghai airspace

NAVBLUE and its partners have launched a project to optimise Shanghai airspace to improve flight efficiency, enhance safety and airport accessibility.
The project was officially launched on July 9 as part of the EU-China Aviation Partnership Project between the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) and ATMB of the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) and its Chinese partners.
The project will involve a new airspace concept of operation for Shanghai which will include a range of flight and ground simulations, evaluation of safety and efficiency, and guidance for the application of new technologies for the region.
“By optimising the ground operations and carrying out environmental studies we aim to reduce CO2 emissions, fuel burn and noise” said Thomas Lagaillarde, vice president for bespoke solutions, NAVBLUE. “The benefits for airports and airlines will mean shorter routes, continuous climb and descent operations that will lead to less fuel burn and environmental impact. There should also be an increase in aircraft capacity due to the improved circulation of air traffic management.”
“Increasing air traffic management efficiency is a shared goal for European and Chinese airspace users alike. With this project we take our cooperation with China in this important domain to another level, being able to deliver real improvements in Shanghai everyone will benefit from, “said Luc Tytgat, director for strategy and safety management, EASA.