Airbus eyes airports, ATM as revenue generator

Airbus has outlined its ambition to grow revenues and boost customer value from its services offering.
The European airframer at this year’s Farnborough Air Show said that after an 18 per cent annual growth in services revenues for the past two years, its ambition is now to triple its services revenues from more than $3.2bn in 2017 to reach $10bn within the next decade.
Airbus said it would also expand its current service portfolio to non-Airbus platforms, given that 62 per cent of Airbus’ total fleet is operated by ‘multi-fleet’ operators. An example of this is its Navblue flight operations subsidiary which delivers multi-fleet services.
“Furthermore, Airbus will extend services to a wider customer base – such as airports and air traffic control operations,” it said.
It added that it will continue to develop full lifecycle integrated services for all Airbus’ aircraft operators such as Flight Hour Services (FHS) through the Skywise open data platform.
“One common denominator, across all the services which Airbus will increasingly cultivate is ‘digitalisation’, with many solutions being interconnected and integrated,” it said. “These solutions will create additional value for airlines, lessors and MRO companies, for instance by allowing real-time decision-making, or by optimising flight and maintenance operations through analytics.”