ATC Network Test Tools (ED137, ED138)

ATC Network Test Tools (ED137, ED138)
GL tools for Air Traffic Management (ATM) offer signaling and traffic simulation, monitoring quality of service, and critical timing/delay measurements over the network. The ATM core network and all its underlying entities (CWP, GRS, VoIP Gateways, Recorders) can be accurately tested for performance, and functionalities. Test tools simulate the communication between different ATM core network entities, precisely time these events, and measure critical delay, packet loss, and voice quality. Monitoring Probes deployed across ATM network captures and sends call records, measurements results, and network performance statistics to a centralized surveillance system.
MAPS™ TM-ATM (Timing Measurements in Air Traffic Management) tools includes all necessary hardware and software to identify, capture, timestamp, and correlate events at Analog, TDM and IP interfaces. This helps to precisely measure the delay introduced by each network element as events propagate end-to-end.
MAPS™ ED-137 Radio Emulators allow multiple CWPs/Radios are simulated to create multicast sessions and MAPS™ ED-137 Telephone Emulators simulates bulk VoIP Ground -to-Ground calls.
MAPS™ ED-137 Recorder Emulator allows voice recording and replay of voice communication by VoIP ATM Recorders.
An All-IP Network Monitoring software, PacketScan™, offers powerful features to capture and monitor live ED137 signaling and traffic over IP. All data captured are forwarded real-time to NetSurveyorWeb™, a web-based centralized network surveillance system for air traffic monitoring.
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