ICAO lawyers to tackle emerging challenges

ICAO has decided to establish a working group to consider legal issues relating to unmanned  aircraft operations and their integration into civil aviation to help identify possible solutions within the framework of the international aviation organisation’s ongoing work.

The ICAO Legal Committee concluded its 37th Session last week at ICAO’s Headquarters, addressing a range of challenging emerging issues for international air transport.

It also agreed to address new challenges relating to sub-orbital flights and high altitude or stratospheric operations as well as those presented by cyber threats.

The committee also recommended the publication of a manual on the legal aspects of unruly and disruptive passengers to take into account the changes brought about by the 2014 Montreal Protocol (amending the 1963 Tokyo Convention), as well as a compilation of ICAO provisions on conflicts of interest in civil aviation.

New electronic platforms for aircraft registration and the provision of relevant data on the registration, ownership and control of aircraft were also envisaged.

The ICAO Legal Committee’s 37th Session was attended by 168 delegates representing 70 states and eight international organisations. It has played a key role in ICAO’s adoption of some 24 air law instruments. A number of them, particularly those related to international aviation security, now belong to the most widely accepted codifications of international law.

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