South Africa’s ATNS appoints acting CEO

South Africa’s Air Traffic and Navigation Services (ATNS) has appointed Thomas Kgokolo as interim chief executive officer.

Kgokolo, a member of the board’s audit and risk committee, will occupy the seat while the recruitment process for a full-time appointment unfolds.

Kgokolo is a chartered accountant and holds a MBA degree from the Gordon Institute of Business Sciences, a B Compt Honours and B Com degree in accounting sciences from UNISA and University of Pretoria, respectively.

ATNS said it continues to make strides in the global aviation industry through its product and service offerings and its clear intent in becoming a key component of a continental collective that is striving for safer African skies.

“As part of an accelerated journey into the digitised and artificial intelligence space, an energised, innovative and compassionate workforce is needed. Inclusive in the package that a company of ATNS’s stature brings to the industry is strong and sustainable relations with its key stakeholders. These are its shareholder, staff, industry partners, major suppliers, local communities, research and institutions of higher learning, among others,” said ATNS in a statement.