uAvionix offers owners of light, experimental aircraft ADS-B rebate support

US avionics manufacturer uAvionix has launched a limited time ADS-B rebate offer for its own experimental products.

The US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) recently re-launched its $500 ADS-B rebate, although limits the eligible equipment to certified products only.

“As a result, even with the rebate – this equipment list may not result in the most economical solution for experimental and light sports aircraft owners,” argued uAvionix. “Therefore, we decided to host a rebate programme of our own for these owners. The constructs of the rebate programme mimic the FAA’s. As a result, this promotes both speedy and correct installations – as a passing Public ADS-B Performance Report (PAPR) report is a condition for the rebate.”

The rebate programme offers a limited time $100 rebate on the echoUAT+WAAS GPS bundle, or $150 rebate on tailBeacon EXP. To be eligible for the rebate, a customer must purchase by November 15. They must submit proof of purchase, installation photos, passing PAPR, using the uAvionix’s rebate validation form by January 31, 2019 to receive a prepaid VISA debit card.

“The FAA’s ADS-B rebate programme excludes non-certified products, yet this is often the most affordable solution for experimental and LSA aircraft owners,” said Paul Beard, uAvionix chief executive. “We feel a kinship with the experimental aircraft owners as this is where we got our start with our general aviation products.  This community has embraced uAvionix and we don’t think they should be left out of all of the rebate fun.  We’d like to show our appreciation for their support.”