Russia’s State ATM commissions Ekaterinburg consolidated ATC centre

Russia’s State ATM Corporation has commissioned the Ekaterinburg integrated centre, at the heart of a new USD 23 million unified air traffic management system.

The new centre will manage a vast Trans-Siberian system supporting up to 70 per cent of all the air traffic flying between Europe and Asia, providing air navigation services over the territories of the Udmurt Republic, Perm Territory, Sverdlovsk, Chelyabinsk, Kurgan, and Kirov regions.

The total area of ​​the airspace controlled by the Ekaterinburg centre covers 686,600 sq km The length of the zone of responsibility of the Ural Air Navigation Branch from north to south to the state border of the Russian Federation with the Republic of Kazakhstan is 1,116 km, and from east to west 1,494 km.

Within the area of ​​responsibility there are 86 air traffic service routes with a total length of 36,563 km, of which 20,600 km are airways open to international flights, 11,903 km are area navigation routes open to international flights routes.

The total number of serviced aircraft for 2017 was 895,785, of them international – 311 039, domestic – 584 746, which saw a 7.9 per cent increase compared with 2016.

“In this context, the commissioning of the new centre was simply necessary,” said State ATM Corp.

The Ekaterinburg Integrated Center is equipped with an advanced automated air traffic management system which includes:

  • automated ATC equipment based on KSA ATC Alpha-5;
  • a complex of automation tools for airspace use planning based on Planet-5 KSA;
  • voice communication switching system based on Megafon SKRS;
  • complex documentation and reproduction of information on the basis of KDVI Granit-6;
  • an exact time system based on the Metronom STV;
  • information security tools on the basis of the Sphere LTPD;
  • console equipment based on the Pult-A base.

This equipment allows reliable and efficient processing of information received from ground-based surveillance, and for ATC via radio communications with both aircraft and adjacent control points. The ATM automated system produced by NITA was supplied under agreements with VKO Almaz-Antey.

The new centre is located near Ekaterinburg Airport in Koltsovo and its system based on updated KSA versions of the Alpha-5 ATC and the KSA Planet-5 KIA, which corresponds to the highest level of international automation standards.

Ekaterinburg manages 10 sectors of the EU Regional ATM Centre, the control tower of the Ekaterinburg approach and the EU Zonal Centre for ATM.

The Ekaterinburg integrated centre is multilevel, consists of one-storey and three-storey parts. The three-storey part of the building is in terms of a segment of a ring (236 degrees), 18 metres high, standing on supports. The technological building was built in close proximity to the the FKU Ural aviation search and rescue centre.

The planned number of employees at the Yekaterinburg Integrated Center will include 195 air traffic service personnel, 56 airspace planning personnel, 28 ERTOS engineering and technical personnel.