Italy’s ENAV wins control tower equipment contract in Libya

ENAV has secured a contract to modernise control tower equipment at Tripoli International Airport by the Libyan Civil Aviation Authority.

The contract covers the supply and installation of three new controller workstations, the integration and deployment of ground-air-ground and ground-ground communication systems, as well as of the infrastructure for data and wireless networks.

The new technical and operational infrastructure will provide all air navigation services aiming at ensuring the full operation and safety of the airport.

The contract, for a total amount of €2 million, plus an option for the supply and installation of meteorological technology components for an additional €900,000, is expected to be completed by the end of 2019.

ENAV has already been cooperating with Libyan aviation authorities and is presently involved in the construction of the new control tower and technical building of Mitiga International Airport, the other airport in Tripoli, which is currently operating thanks to a mobile control tower supplied by ENAV.

Enav wins Mitiga, Libya control tower contract



ENAV’s CEO Roberta Neri stated: Operating in Libya has a strategic importance for ENAV. In fact, the southern part of the Italian airspace borders on the Libyan airspace, which is presently subject to strong limitations for commercial air traffic. The new control tower of Mitiga airport is to be completed in March, so by the end of next year both airports will be fully operational also thanks to our support.

Encouraging the development of air transport and flights between this country and Europe will enable us, in the future, to further increase the traffic flows of interest for our country and reinstate those routes that previously used to cross the Italian airspace.



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  1. I hope this will help the Libyan’ s can be getting out of the ICOA restriction and banded Libyan Aerospace and get it back and allowing free movement in and out Libya and back to fly freely to European Aerospace again and very soon and not abusing Libya and taken this advantages of the restrictions and banding Libyan Aerospace,Also I hope the people who running the show of LCAA are understood what they are doing and in level to play the game with all in advantages of Libya benefit and can play it right to get the deal back to Libyan fever not other way around as we are should be honest after all this done after 17Feb 2011 and the blood paid to get Libya freedom and gives their nation the new future not to be hopeless
    I wish message clear to any one just trade on us and our country and our future

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