Sweden’s Avtech inks wind data agreement with Norwegian Air Shuttle

AVTECH Sweden has struck a commercial contract with Norwegian Airshuttle for its Aventus wind uplink service.

Effective since November 2018, the deal builds on a joint project in part financed by the Swedish Energy Agency to evaluate AVTECH’s Aventus AIR service.

The service is now set to become a permanent part of operations at Norwegian which operates one of the youngest aircraft fleets in the world.

“The cooperation with Norwegian has given clear results of all the benefits our technology can achieve, and we are of course very pleased to enter into an agreement with a company that, thanks to its modern and fuel-efficient fleet, has already reduced its fuel usage considerably,” said Sören Skog, AVTECH marketing director.

“Norwegian has a systematic plan for improving their already efficient operations and has identified other areas where improvements are possible. I firmly believe that AVTECH is able to support such efforts to optimise from “runway to runway“ through both innovation of new services as well as development of our existing services.”

In September 2018, Norwegian was for the second time appointed the most fuel-efficient transatlantic airline by the International Council on Clean Transportation (ICCT), the same organisation that revealed the Volkswagen scandal.

“AVTECH has proven to be both competent and ambitious to find the solutions Norwegian are looking for in our efforts to reduce the environmental footprint,” said Tomas Hesthammer, director, flight operations, at Norwegian “We are pleased to have discovered not only a reduced fuel consumption in our already efficient operation but also a partner that obviously has technical solutions for further optimization.”

“As we now have an agreement, valid from November 1, 2018 and for least three years, we’ll continue our cooperation with Norwegian supporting a simplification of the complicated process of optimising every flight. It is our intention to expand this cooperation to include our newly developed products, beginning in early 2019,” said Skog.

“AVTECH’s future is exciting and the agreement with Norwegian proves, even if the processes of achieving financial results are lengthy, that our services have a demand in the market. I am convinced that we during 2019 will see results in form of both new customers and new products, quite in line with these expectations.” .

This initial agreement covers the Aventus wind uplink service with an annual value exceeding 1 million SEK.