Hoffmann succeeds Enzinger as managing director at FREQUENTIS Comsoft

Handing over the reins at Frequentis Comsoft: Thomas Hoffmann, Norbert Haslacher and Gerald Enzinger

After three years of development and expansion at Frequentis Comsoft, Gerald Enzinger is handing over  management responsibilities to former Austro Control chief operating officer Thomas Hoffmann.

Hoffmann, an air traffic control professional with significant industry experience, will take over the leading position at Frequentis Comsoft in Karlsruhe, Germany.

A former manager of the Frankfurt tower branch of Deutsche Flugsicherung as well as the control centres in Karlsruhe and Langen, he has since January 2014 been chief operating officer heading operations and technology for the Austrian air navigation service provider Austro Control.

There he was responsible for more than 1,000 employees. In addition, Hoffmann, well connected in the air navigation services industry, has also served for the last three years as board chairman of the COOPANS Alliance – an international cooperation of air navigation service providers that work together towards the harmonisation and standardisation of European air navigation systems.

“Frequentis Comsoft developed more than positively in its first three years and we would like to thank current managing director Gerald Enzinger for this progress and expansion work. He can now hand over a very well established business to his successor. We see Thomas Hoffmann as the ideal managing director for the further expansion of the Frequentis Group’s important future topics such as automation and surveillance,” said Frequentis chief executive Norbert Haslacher.

Enzinger is moving back to Frequentis headquarters in Vienna for personal reasons. Together with Hoffmann, he will continue to manage Frequentis Comsoft until April.

Founded in 2016, Frequentis Comsoft was formed from major assets of the former Comsoft and is today an important member of the Frequentis Group. The complementary air traffic management product portfolio has enabled Frequentis to achieve market leadership in Message Handling Systems (MHS) and AIM. The Frequentis Comsoft surveillance systems for both civilian and military ATM also represent a significant portfolio expansion.