Papua New Guinea transitions to Thales’ TopSky ATC

Papua New Guinea’s PNG Air Services Limited has completed the transition to the TopSky-ATC system provided by Thales.

Under Project NiuSky, PNG Air Services will be transitioning all ATC services in Port Moresby to the new computerised Air Traffic Management (ATM) system.

This transition represents a jump from a 30-year-old paper strip system to a state-of-the-art electronic equivalent, helping to reduce controller workload and increase safety throughout the airspace.

PNGASL is responsible for the safe movement of more than 50,000 flights per year through its airspace, which includes many high level overflights. The deployment by Thales includes a main operational system and combined backup and training system.

The TopSky-ATC system provides controllers with modernised flight data processing, multi sensor surveillance processing and advanced alerting functions. Seamless coordination between neighbouring states allows safe transition of flights to and from Papua New Guinea.

“The commissioning of the NiuSky ATM system has enabled PNG to be compatible in the region in terms of modern ATS provision. It is a huge leap forward for the organisation,” said Captain Ted Pakii, managing director at PNG Air Services.