Russia to start developing free route, flexible airspace

Russian air navigation service provider State ATM Corporation is to develop proposals for the introduction of flexible use of airspace and free routing.

A February 1 meeting was attended by representatives from across the nation included experts on air traffic control, air traffic management, military airspace planning, ATM industrial suppliers and air traffic controllers. Together they will implement the instructions of the Russia’s transport ministry which are to establish:

  • a detailed study of the principles and implementation of the concept of flexible airspace, taking into account the regulatory documents of ICAO and Eurocontrol, the analysis of international practice;
  • analysis of the existing ATM system of the Russian Federation, including the organisation of airspace, airspace planning, air traffic services and interaction with the military ATS units;
  • development of proposals in order to introduce flexible use of airspace and airspace of free routing in Russia.

This should support the preparation of:

  • a draft action plan or roadmap for the introduction of conventional ATS routes in the airspace of Russia.
  • a draft concept on the implementation of flexible airspace and an operation outline for the introduction of potential ATS routes.
  • a draft standard instruction on the interaction of civilian and military ATS units in the implementation of potential ATS routes.
  • proposals for organising the interaction of operational bodies of ATS and EAP users;
  • draft amendments to regulatory legislation;
  • suggestions for further improvement;
  • Pilot projects for the implementation of airspace concepts.

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