Belgium flights cancelled for 24 hours due to industrial action

Belgian’s skeyes reports that all flights in and out of Belgium have been cancelled for an entire day due to strike action.

The airspace closure will run for 24 hours, from 22:00 (21:00 GMT) on Tuesday.

“Despite all efforts made by its management, six hours before the start of the national strike, the company does not have sufficient insight into the staffing levels during the industrial action that will start tonight,” it said.

“There is no certainty about the number of staff in a limited number of key posts. Therefore, skeyes is forced not to allow air traffic between Tuesday 12 February 10 pm local time and Wednesday 13 February 10 pm.”

“The management takes its responsibility to guarantee the safety of air traffic. In view of the great uncertainty about the occupation of some crucial posts in the operational services, this guarantee can only be given by not allowing air traffic.”

It added that skeyes’ employees do not have to give advance notice of their intention not to work during industrial action.