Italy’s ENAV posts 2018 statistics on free route dividends

Airlines crossing Italian skies in 2018 achieved a reduction in greenhouse CO2 emissions totalling 135 million kg thanks to ENAV’s free route procedures.

Free Route is an innovative procedure that allows all aircraft flying at an altitude above 9,000 metres to cross Italian skies following a direct flight path without having to refer to a route network.

ENAV has implemented free route according to Single European Sky regulations which all European countries must comply with, by 1 January 2022.

Airlines can now calculate the shortest trajectory without restrictions, resulting in saving fuel, fewer CO2 emissions and lower costs, while maintaining the same safety levels.

Since 8 December 2016, when ENAV first activated the procedure, a total of 75 million kg of fuel have been saved, at the same time lowering CO2 emissions by 236 million kg.

More efficient flight paths have allowed airlines to reduce their flight distances by about 20 million km across Italian airspace. In 2018 alone, free route allowed airlines to save around 11.5 million km.

ENAV chief executive Roberta Neri stated: “The benefits of free route procedures clearly demonstrate the professional and technical proficiency that ENAV has been able to achieve thanks to the continuous training of our operational staff and to our investments in technological research and innovation. By implementing this procedure well in advance of the deadlines laid down by the Single European Sky regulations, our company confirms its position as a major player on the international stage in terms of service quality and innovation.”