Sponsored: Human Centered Design Taking Airport Operations to New Heights

Air travel is growing rapidly and to help airports keep up, technological advancements are being made just as rapidly. With technology playing such a prominent role in airside operations, it can be easy to forget that at the center of this technology are humans who are working to make air travel more safe and efficient for everyone.

Honeywell NAVITAS is an IoT-connected, smart airport technology that holistically optimizes airport operators’ performance by utilizing embedded and mobile applications to coordinate the integration of air and ground traffic as well as airside operations.

By integrating multiple systems into one, Honeywell NAVITAS Tower Manager assists with the monitoring, analysis, planning, and control of air and ground traffic which greatly enhances air traffic personnel’s productivity and situational awareness.

Honeywell NAVITAS Performance Manager meaningfully integrates and displays in real time, a large number of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for the airport analysts to evaluate and optimize operations based on data, allowing them to implement proactive management and anticipate disruption.

All Honeywell NAVITAS solutions are design-led innovations generated by the application of the Human Centered Design process. This means “walking in the end users’ shoes” by deeply understanding their tasks, needs, frustrations and wishes, and then designing solutions around them. By putting humans at the center of the design process, we’re able to create technology that serves humans and not the other way around.

Within the Human Centered Design framework, we apply design thinking from two complementary perspectives: the task oriented design and the goal oriented design. Task oriented design involves studying the current users’ workflow and improving it, by making it easier to understand, remember and use; whereas goal oriented design focuses on the users’ goals, on why they perform their tasks rather than how they perform them.

Come and experience Honeywell NAVITAS and our human focused and design-driven innovation for yourself at the World ATM Congress taking place March 12-14, Madrid, Spain. Honeywell’s Andrea Antonini will be speaking more about the human centered and goal oriented design for safe airside operation.

Register with Honeywell here and stop by our booth #1231 in Hall 10 by the North Entrance.