Atech presents SWIM platform for flight plan exchange

Atech, an Embraer company, is showcasing its SWIM platform now deployed in Brazil as the PCICEA Airspace Current Information Sharing Platform.

The PCICEA platform is based on the SWIM AQUILA product, which is part of the Makron Family of ATM solutions  developed by ATECH and is sharing data on flight status between Brazil and Europe.

The SWIM (System Wide Information Management) concept originates from the ICAO’s global air navigation plan to harmonise the exchange of real time information on flight plans, meteorology and aeronautical information, based on an international standard for communication interfaces and protocols.

After a test phase that began in May 2018, the PCICEA platform became operational in November 2018 with Atech’s AQUILA software, exchanging data between the Brazilian Air Space Control Department (DECEA), in Rio de Janeiro, and Eurocontrol in Brussels.

The system publishes the status of flights departing from Brazil to Europe and accesses the status of flights departing from Europe to Brazil at Eurocontrol.

As soon as an aircraft departs from any airport in Brazil to Europe, the data are transmitted in real time to Eurocontrol, enabling the European air traffic management and control authorities to monitor the situation of flights from departure. The same applies to flights departing from Europe to Brazil, whose flight data is sent in advance to the Air Navigation Management Center (CGNA) in Rio.

Prior to SWIM AQUILA, European authorities only received information from an aircraft upon its entry into Brazilian airspace. With the new system, it is possible to organise landing and take-off sequences with greater precision, reducing the impact on the network in case of changes.

The SWIM AQUILA solution is a breakthrough for the regional integration among airspace management systems. It allows the sharing of gate-to-gate data among aeronautical authorities in different countries. With this new bilateral integration tool, air navigation flow management services increase the anticipation of timely measures to avoid or minimise delays.

The SWIM AQUILA solution is an integrated module of the SKYFLOW air traffic flow management system developed by Atech, with versions currently operating both in India and Brazil.

“With this new product, Atech offers a solution with the features previewed by SWIM, promoting real-time centralised data management, enabling the sharing of this information for air navigation service providers, airlines, government organizations and other entities related to general aviation,” said Edson Mallaco, president of Atech.