Spain’s ENAIRE publishes latest Single Sky implementation plan

Spain’s ENAIRE has formally specified the national measures necessary to implement the Single European Sky, featuring actions that have either been already undertaken and that have been scheduled in order to meet European objectives.

Signed at the World ATM Congress, the launch of the latest Local Single European Sky Implementation (LSSIP) Plan commemorates the 25th anniversary of the first LSSIP, drawn up in 1993.

The plan will be used to monitor the coherence and convergence of different national plans; its goal is for air navigation systems to develop into the Single European Sky initiative and the ICAO Global Air Navigation Plan (GANP).

A synchronised European Plan has been implemented among different states, as well as the introduction of a monitoring system to enable the aeronautical community to identify potential differences that may arise from the needs of the European ATM Master Plan and possible scope for local implementation.

Each year the SESAR Joint Undertaking updates the Master Plan, and, once approved, each state must define its own Local Plan (LSSIP), specifying any undertaken and/or scheduled actions needed to meet European objectives and put their own national Plan into practice.

ENAIRE achieved a 10 per cent increase in 2018’s Convergence Index, the indicator that measures the success of ENAIRE’s deployment plans compared to the ATM Master Plan. This increase compared to the previous year follows the successful fulfilment of targeted annual objectives, thus consolidating the upward trend shown in recent years.