Indra launches Air Drones system for unmanned traffic

Spain’s Indra has launched its Air Drones set of solutions on the market to manage unmanned air traffic that will, in the short-medium term, take over the low altitude airspace up to 150 metres.

It claims it is the first global solution capable of offering the flexibility and adaptation capability necessary to manage traffic at any level: local, regional or of a whole national territory.

It has been designed to ensure the safety of air operations for drones that fly in densely populated urban environments, rural areas and near airports, where security requirements are strict.

These new airspace users will also operate in a highly heterogeneous airspace, in which low-cost drones will coexist with other, more sophisticated professional drones, helicopters, conventional aircraft and even, in the future, the services of Urban Air Mobility (UAM).

Indra’s new UTM system (Unmanned Traffic Management) will be the linchpin responsible for organizing all this traffic, identifying each aircraft and controlling its access and movements safely.

It has a UTM Hub solution, which will automate the provision of centralised coordination services for all parties, in which operators, information providers, authorities, etc. will coexist. It will also facilitate the interconnection with air traffic management (ATM) in real time and bidirectionally.

Each drone’s connection to this environment will be made through the UTM Connect platform, which will provide access to all services and provide the real-time information needed by drones.

In addition, the platform is designed to integrate with drone detection and neutralization solutions, complementing their capabilities. Indra has its own system, called ARMS.

Together, Indra Air Drones will offer an intelligent, highly digitalised and automated service. Only, Indra insists, is it possible to provide quick and easy access to any user who wants to fly their drone, or fleet of them, with full safety assurance.