Bulatsa, UkSATSE to work on Black Sea airspace safety

Ukraine’s UkSATSE and its Bulgarian counterpart Bulatsa are examining ways to expand their partnership.

UkSATSE director Dmitry Babaychuk and Bulatsa chief executive Georgy Peev recently met at UkSATSE headquarters to discuss the further strengthening of the partnership between the air navigation service providers.

Among the urgent issues for both sides are plans to improve the organisation of air traffic in the airspace over the southwestern part of the Black Sea and the framework of future technical cooperation between the providers.

UkSATSE’s Dmitry Babeychuk said: “I have invited Bulgarian colleagues to us in order to outline the range of joint actions on the most urgent areas of cooperation between providers of the two countries, in particular between the area control centres of Odessa and Sofia.

“For Ukraine, this is important, first of all, in the context of the restoration of air traffic intensity, which dropped sharply in 2014, but which for some years has been showing a steady upward trend,” he said, adding that an important feature of the enhanced partnership will be efforts to increase safety over the Black Sea region.

Representatives of Bulatsa also visited ATC operations at UkSATSE’s Kiev district control centre.

Bulatsa’s Peev said that while issues relating to the Black Sea needed further discussion the two providers were intent on finding a balanced solution that will be mutually beneficial both for UkSATSE and for Bulatsa.