Russia to present plan for national ATM overhaul by August

Russian aviation authorities have been tasked with developing a plan to overhaul the national air navigation system over the next decade.

“The Ministry of Transport and State ATM Corporation will ensure the preparation of a draft of a long term programme for the development of air navigation and an investment programme up until 2030. The deadline for submission to the consideration of the transport commission is August 1, 2019, ” deputy prime minister Maxim Akimov said in reported remarks.

He clarified that a preliminary assessment by State ATM suggests that a new air navigation development strategy could generate cost savings for airlines in the order of 46 billion rubles.

“The costs for the implementation of the programme are estimated at about 210 billion rubles, so that [in the absence of serious macroeconomic changes] financing can be provided by revenues from the operating activities of the [air navigation services] provider, with additional funding from the federal budget not required. The expected payback period is 10 years,”Akimov added.

The deputy premier also instructed the transport ministry to accelerate the updating of Moscow’s airspace structure so that it may be implemented in the first half of 2020.