SESAR GOF U-space demonstrations to begin in June

The SESAR Joint Undertaking Gulf of Finland (GOF) U-space project in Estonia and Finland will enter an important phase with the start of the first demonstrations in June.

Seven advanced drone operational scenarios including both manned and unmanned aircraft in shared airspace demonstrate many of the most attractive use cases, relying on U-space services to be safe as well as cost effective with the aim to accelerate the realisation of a shared U-space in Europe, starting with low-level airspace.

The very first demonstration – urban drone fleet operations with police intervention – will take place in Helsinki on 4 June.

After months of preparation, the SESAR GOF U-space project will soon enter the next phase with the start of the first demonstrations in June 2019. Urban drone fleet operations with police intervention will kick off the demo series in Helsinki, Finland, on 4 June. This is followed by a long-distance multisensory inspection flights in forestry in Asikkala, Finland, on 6 June and drones, model flyers, and manned aviation will be sharing airspace in Pyhtää, Finland, on 11 June.

The trials will continue in Estonia, where on 14 June, urban drone operations are demonstrated in controlled airspace in Tallinn, followed by powerline inspection in Läänemaa rural areas on 26 June.

In August, the GOF U-space demonstrations will continue with maritime search and rescue exercise with the border guard on 13 August in Hiiumaa, Estonia, and on 22 August, international parcel delivery with drones over the Gulf of Finland will take place between Torbacka, Finland and Muraste, Estonia. The demonstration series will be completed by an urban Volocopter air taxi flight from the Vantaa international airport to Helsinki on 29 August 2019. These trials will be open to qualified visitors.