Indra to support Manchester Airport ground safety 

Ground safety at Manchester Airport is set to be improved thanks to new functionality of its A-SMGCS, InNOVA Ground from Indra.

In collaboration with Manchester Airports Group (MAG) and its air navigation service provider NATS, Indra will add safety nets that automatically alert the air traffic controller if potential hazards are detected.

During the project, InNOVA Ground will be upgraded to include functionality such as Runway Monitoring and Conflict Alerts (RMCA), which alerts the controller of potential conflicts on or near the runway. The controller will also be automatically alerted in case of conflicting ATC clearances (CATC), or if the system detects non-conformance to procedures or clearances (CMAC).

The upgrade is expected to lead to improved ground safety and higher punctuality as air traffic controllers get better situational awareness.

The project is co-funded by EU’s Innovation and Networks Executive Agency, INEA, as part of the SESAR Pilot Common Project (PCP).  It is expected to go operational in 2020.