ERA wins country-wide Saudi ADS-B contract

ERA has secured a contract to deliver its composite multilateration and ADS-B system NEO for nationwide ADS-B coverage for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia airspace.

The system will also serve as a Wide Area Multilateration solution providing coverage of 150 nm around the city of Afif. The ERA system is able to handle extreme climate environments under all operational capacities and has therefore been chosen for the high outdoor temperature prevailing in this region.

The contract was signed by Saudi Air Navigation Services (SANS) this April. The project called Kingdom Wide ADS-B and Afif WAM has two parts:

  • delivery of 14 dual ADS-B stations in order to provide the entire country with FIR coverage. The CPS of the ADS-B system will be placed in Jeddah and the data distributed to Riyadh and Jeddah ACCs and SANS HQ. The sites for installation of the ADS-B sensors include radar sites, communication sites and airport towers, etc., all in the property of SANS.
  • delivery of 14 WAM sensors with N-1 design. The system will provide coverage of the 150 nm circle around the modern city of Afif with its central position in the country. Additional parts of the project include extensive training of local staff and safety.

NEO is part of the ERA family of multi-sensor systems. Is ground station architecture is built to perform under harsh outdoor conditions, particularly extreme temperatures. The stations are completely dust proof to handle the typical local environment of hot dry deserts.

The project shall be implemented within 18 months from the contract signature, in the autumn of 2020. ERA will cooperate on the project with a local subcontractor, who will be responsible for the equipment installation and local project management activities. This is ERA´s first project in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.