ENAIRE to invest €4.2m in SACTA system

ENAIRE will invest more than €4.2 million over three years to expand its SACTA automated ATC system.

This investment is needed due to the increasing number of controller positions in its control centres driven by air traffic growth  as well as to support contingency requirements.

The investment will also help support an increase in training and verification processes that are carried out in ENAIRE.

The equipment will be supplied fully operational to the air traffic control centres and also to the provider’s development centre.

SACTA integrates all Spain’s route, approach and aerodrome control centres, facilitating uniform operations without interruptions between all units.

At the international level, SACTA allows automatic communication between Spanish and foreign control centres. To do so, it uses international data exchange standards, reduces manual actions to a minimum, automatically detects possible conflicts and provides flexibility for the reconfiguration of operational airspace. It can also minimise the effects of traffic spikes.

The SACTA system has evolved continuously, updated through newer versions so that changes can be implemented progressively.