Austro Control chief Hackl takes reins of FAB CE

Valerie Hackl has become the new chairperson of FAB CE CEO Committee.

This will be the first time Hackl has assumed the role, since becoming managing director of Austro Control at the beginning of this year.

“I am aware of the challenges ahead. The European ATM system is currently under heavy scrutiny but I believe that with FAB CE we have a great opportunity to demonstrate that things are moving in the right direction and that we also have the results to prove it,” she said. “Free Route implementation across FAB CE is just one example. For the upcoming months we will be focusing on the new definition of the FAB CE strategy and on the continued optimisation of FAB CE airspace.”

The official handover from BHANSA to Austro Control took place in Sarajevo on June 26. The next meeting of the FAB CE CEO Committee under the new chairmanship will be held on October 15 in Vienna.