France’s DSNA pioneers SWIM weather integration services

France’s DSNA is introducing an innovative service with more sophisticated real-time weather prediction models to support pre-tactical and tactical phases in operations.

Three French area control centres (ACCs) in Bordeaux, Marseille and Reims have been using these enhanced weather services since 10 July.

European airspace is seeing more and more air traffic regulations caused by poor weather conditions with a considerable impact on punctuality. In France, 2018 saw a 30-year record for storm conditions which led to DSNA launching a tender call for SWIMET, an innovative project based on the SESAR 1 solution and empowered by METEO FRANCE, the certified MET service provider over the French airspace.

The objectives were clear: to provide controllers with customised meteorological information with the benefits of SWIM (System Wide Information Management) standards through web technology which will help develop expert new services and facilitate weather impact prediction, target specific flows or even 4D flight paths.

Chosen by DSNA, the start-up MetSafe is the weather data service provider of this new platform.

In terms of service oriented architecture, SWIMET offers a full and comprehensive weather information service displayed on DSNA’s 4Me system, a multi-application operations. The service is based on statistical data (routes, control sectors, airports) and dynamical data (control sectors activated, flight profile, aircraft position).

“Thanks to the data provided by METEO FRANCE and METEORAGE, the MetSafe web service platform and DSNA’s 4Me system, controllers and supervisors are supplied with real time weather information suited to their area and forecasting up to one hour ahead,” explained Kamel Rebaï, chief executive of MetSafe.

SWIMET will now be expanded to two other ACCs by the end of this year.

With the display of weather hazards up to three hours ahead, the objective is now to deploy expert decision support services to support more efficient flow management on a European scale with the Network Manager.

SWIMET is compliant with the Implementing Rule Pilot Common Project ‘Initial SWIM’. In mid-term, METGATE portal, designed and developed by METEO FRANCE and with the support of the SESAR Deployment Manager, will be the target solution to provide the MET information SWIM exchange. This portal will be available to any European air navigation service provider.