Bosnia to assume full control of airspace in December

Bosnia and Herzegovina expects to take full control of its airspace on December 5 after inking various interstate agreements with neighbouring countries.

The Bosnia and Herzegovina Air Navigation Services Agency (BHANSA) took control of the country’s lower airspace at the end of 2014, while the airspace above FL325 has been managed by Belgrade and Zagreb area control centres.

“We have fulfilled all of our obligations. I especially want emphasise the work that has gone into training personnel and securing necessary technical equipment in order for us to take control of our airspace,” BHANSA chief Davorin Primorac, told the federal news agency.

“BHANSA, together with other bodies and institutions, has invested enormous efforts over the years in order to make this goal a reality. Now we can say with complete certainty that this historic moment will occur on December 5 of this year.”

BHANSA is already part of the SECSI FRA project, which, as one of the most complex aviation projects in Europe, requires cross border cooperation between five air navigation service providers.

SECSI saw the merging of two Free Route Airspace areas of SAXFRA (Slovenian Austrian Cross-border Free Route Airspace) and SEAFRA (the South-East Axis Free Route Airspace project involving three ANSPs from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Serbia and Montenegro) to form the South East Common Sky Initiative Free Route Airspace.

Its implementation has resulted in an increase of the flexible use of airspace, environmental protection, reducing of fuel consumption and airspace user costs.