Poland launches listening exercise over future airspace

Poland’s PANSA has started to consult with stakeholders after publishing its first ever national airspace strategy – a document which has been prepared by the air navigation service provider together with the International Air Transport Association (IATA).

The main aim of the strategic document is to inform the country’s transport ministry which has started to chart the future development of airspace and infrastructure of ground-based equipment.

The strategy which will be updated and supplemented with additional elements developed as part of extensive consultations includes, plans for the construction of a new mega airport – part of a Central Transport Hub.

The goal of the project is to establish a universal passenger transport system through the development of a new central hub that will become one of the largest in Europe, and through the re-development of the railway network so that it becomes an attractive alternative to road transport.

The new Solidarity Airport will be located between Łódź and Warsaw and aims to serve around 45m passengers per year when it enters into service in 2028. The location of the new airport will offer the opportunity for further uninterrupted development, allowing growth to around 100m passengers per year over the life of the infrastructure.

“The CTH project will require significant investments to modernize the surrounding airspace and connect the new airport into the existing air transport network,” said PANSA.

Airspace modernization in Poland will be guided and driven by the Single European Sky (SES) initiative and SESAR programme. and will feature FRA – Free Route Airspace, AUF-A- Advanced Flexible Use of Airspace and PBN – Performance Based Navigation.

PANSA said that irrespective of the CTH project, airspace modernization is needed in Poland to accommodate the growth in demand at existing airports, while enhancing safety, operational resilience, environmental performance and market competitiveness.

“The ASP also raises the relevance of the period directly before opening the CTH, which will be crucial for a smooth transition of air traffic management arrangements and passenger traffic flows,” it said.

Those consulted include  the state-owned airport operator, LOT Polish Airlines, the Association of Regional Airports, the Council of Airline Representatives in Poland – BARIP, the Polish Aeroclub and representatives of Polish regional airports. The deadline for comments is September 30

The Background to Poland’s Airspace Strategy Plan

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