Croatia Control consults on five-year plan

Croatia Control has published a five-year performance plan along with a transparent cost and investment overview and anticipated future service levels.

A recent consultation exercise with airspace users was held according to EU regulations laying down a performance and charging scheme as part of the Single European Sky framework for the next 2020-2024 reference period (RP3).

The performance plan, which was drawn up by the Croatian Civil Aviation Agency (CCAA) on behalf of the Republic of Croatia and which will be submitted in September and reviewed by the European Commission, governs CCL and CCAA operations in addition to search and rescue costs, through key performance indicator targets on safety, environment, capacity, and cost efficiency.

Representatives of Lufthansa, Croatia Airlines, Emirates, Aeroflot, and the International Air Transportation Association participated in the consultation, as well as representatives of the Croatian transport ministry and the Croatian Air Traffic Controllers’ Union in addition to the Performance Review Body on behalf of the European Commission as observers.