ENAIRE allocates €12 million for monitoring centre

Spain’s ENAIRE is to invest €12 million in technology and equipment to build an advanced centre to oversee network operations.

This building, which will be located on the grounds of ENAIRE’s air control centre in Madrid, will house the service centre that will monitor the operation of ENAIRE’s network: SYSRED.

ENAIRE’s future SYSRED H24 centre will result in improved capacity management and greater efficiency thanks to the automated analysis of information

The development of this SYSRED project, known as the EYWA system, is included in ENAIRE’s Flight Plan 2020 strategic plan which aims to further innovate in the management of data, indicators and situations, to provide an overview of operations.

ENAIRE plans to build an integrated service and monitoring room for its H24 network, including a crisis room and a system that will incorporate intelligence into the SYSRED integrated room. This space will have the technological means and the capacity to offer an optimal response to users of the information.

SYSRED H24, the unit responsible for the service, has designed the EYWA system to rely on big data and machine learning, the goal being to transform data into information and information into knowledge, thus optimising organisational processes and decision-making. This project will enhance efficiency and productivity by improving the management of complex situations, facilitating decision-making to reduce the impact of incidents.

As part of this new service, coordination processes with external agents will be improved, especially the entire information flow with the European Network Manager (EUROCONTROL), which will benefit from new procedures and information processing at the network level.

Thanks to the business intelligence concept, a continuous analysis flow of indicators and data will be generated that will improve ENAIRE’s service, with the thorough digital transformation of work processes. ENAIRE’s EYWA project also contributes to safety by providing and displaying reliable information during contingency and crisis situations, helping to optimise air capacity management and maintain service continuity.

The integration of data will aid in making decisions on air traffic in Spain and favour the fluid exchange of information with EUROCONTROL

EYWA will contribute to the goal of transparency and good governance by providing information that was previously unavailable to employees, other users and external clients. The creation of this centre will help to integrate ENAIRE into the European air traffic network by promoting the generalised management of the continent’s network capacity.

To provide the service at this ENAIRE centre, there is a group of highly specialised professionals helping: engineers, operations technicians, maintenance technicians, support and technical assistance staff from other companies, who oversee the global operation of ENAIRE’s network 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, all in real time.

This ENAIRE centre will entail a major transformation of the current SYSRED H24 service, ensuring that the status of the ENAIRE network will be constantly monitored by providing centralised network services, guaranteeing a single source of data and maximising task automation. This will thus increase the quality and efficiency of the service, which will rely on better coordination and communication with real-time management of information on the status of ENAIRE’s network.