DSNA Services changes name to France Aviation Civile Services

DSNA Services is to rebrand with a new name – France Aviation Civile Services or FRACS from September 1.

The business said the new name better reflects the reality of the group’s activities and needed to be explicit and understandable to those familiar with the aviation field but also to anyone outside of that field. It was also necessary for the name to be easily understandable in most languages without the need for translation.

Throughout the years, its scope of activity has gradually spread to all areas of civil aviation while staying anchored in the air navigation sector.

“It became inappropriate to restrict the identity of DSNA Services to air navigation alone, given its vocation to operate in all areas of civil aviation. Finally, as DSNA Services grew, some confusion began to occur between the organisation and the French air navigation services provider DSNA,” it said.

France Aviation Civile Services will remain dedicated to providing support services for the development of civil aviation around the world, based on the French aviation ecosystem and experience.

France Aviation Civile Services is active on all continents. Its main areas of expertise is airspace design and compliance with ICAO standards. FRACS is also gradually gaining expertise in the field of drones and UTM.