Poland’s PANSA planning to train 400 controllers for new hub airport

The Polish air navigation services provider PANSA and the new Central Transport Hub are to cooperate in the planning and construction of the new Solidarność airport

The two organisations have signed a cooperation agreement, where PANSA will redesign the airspace, increase the capacity and implement the infrastructure necessary to operate the airport.

PANSA said airspace modernisation will also support the development of the air transport market both in Poland and Central and Eastern Europe while maintaining the highest level of safety. PANSA will also join the work on the  master plan for Solidarność Airport.

A modern airport control tower equipped with communication, navigation and surveillance technologies is planned.  PANSA will also need to increase the number of operational staff: before the airport opens with the agency saying it intends to train 400 additional air traffic controllers. The existing airport control service meanwhile will also be supplemented with innovative technology such as remote towers.

“Moving the largest Polish airport by 40 km west means far-reaching changes in the functioning of Polish airspace,” said Janusz Janiszewski, PANSA’s acting president. “The construction of CPK is a challenge for us, but also a huge opportunity that we intend to use.

“The preparation process that has just begun requires the involvement of specialists as well as numerous projects in terms of technology. We want the airport to be a fully “digital” modern airport, and the implemented solutions will result in innovative for the region,” he added.

“When planning the airport, we want to act in direct contact with PANSA for the dynamic development of the passenger aviation sector in Poland and for the safety of users of the future airport,” said Piotr Malepszak, acting president of the project.