PASSUR Aerospace releases Ariva digital platform

PASSUR Aerospace has launched its new platform Ariva.

Ariva represents the complete redesign and relaunch of the PASSUR platform, enabling customers to predict, prevent, and manage disruptions in the air and on the ground – allowing them to be even more proactive as a result of advance intelligence.

Ariva provides a unified solution for proactively managing decisions that have a direct impact on key objectives such as On Time Performance (OTP), customer satisfaction, aircraft/gate utilisation and schedule/block performance, among others.

This new cloud-based platform is a result of a multi-year design and development process, under the direction of leaders in design thinking, and incorporates the advice and recommendations of PASSUR’s customers and team of industry experts.

Ariva provides a single, common operating platform for customers to optimize their operations across all internal stakeholders, while supporting collaboration between airlines, airports, air navigation service providers (ANSPs), and other aviation stakeholders to drive greater efficiencies through information exchange and shared workflow. Incorporating Ariva into our customer workflows target the following customer benefits:

  • Achieve higher throughput through the use of all available gate, runway, and airspace capacity
  • Address delays or disruptions before they impact the entire system
  • Improve or Maintain D00, A14, or other OTP metrics across the network
  • Identify and prioritize high-value flights for expedited handling on the ground or in the air
  • Preserve connections or proactively rebook passengers
  • Identify and prevent long on-board delays (DOT tarmac delay, EU261)
  • Manage fuel use and emissions

Ariva has been designed from the ground up to support the rapid integration, processing, and display of multiple data feeds — regardless of their source — into a flexible template of user-configurable, integrated data visualizations and decision support dashboards that reflect a wide range of customer use cases.