Airlines to challenge Nav Canada charges hike to fund space-based ADS-B

International airlines are mounting an official challenge to NAV CANADA’s move to increase its customer service charges for the first time in 15 years following the introduction of space-based ADS-B surveillance data services in both domestic Enroute and North Atlantic oceanic airspace.

With the introduction of space-based surveillance technology, NAV CANADA wants to improve safety over the North Atlantic and in Canadian domestic airspace but IATA, the industry body representing some of the largest international carriers, has taken issue with the price hike.

The revised base rates implemented on September 1, 2019, which represent an average 0.8 per cent increase from previous base rates, will remain in effect until the issue has been settled.

NAV CANADA and IATA have agreed to mediation, which is expected to commence in October but if unsuccessful, Canadian regulator Transport Canada could decide the appeal within 60 days.

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