Grguric appointed first dedicated COOPANS director

COOPANS has appointed its first full-time director of the industrial alliance.

The position goes to Dario Grgurić of Croatia Control who will now lead the daily business of COOPANS.

The decision on the appointment of Dario Grgurić was formally made at the COOPANS Alliance Board meeting held in Lisbon on September 24.

The appointment followed an open internal call conducted in all COOPANS members from between March and June 2019. The establishment of the function of COOPANS director as well as the COOPANS management team as full-time positions serving to all members is part of the new COOPANS strategy and organization for the members-service providers, to prepare themselves better for the coming challenges in the sense of European regulations and the Single European Sky requirements.

The members said they will extend and improve their international cooperation areas, especially concerning common development and investments. COOPANS believes it is a positive example of international cooperation of ANS providers, striving to assume the leading role through new European initiatives based on market principles and new technologies.

Dario Grgurić’s former position was Croatia Control technical division director. Over the course of his 17-year experience career in the ATM industry, he had been head of communication, navigation and surveillance services as well as a navigation and meteorological systems expert. He has been leading the Croatian ATM modernization programme (CroATMMP) for seven years, the main goal of which was the implementation of the COOPANS ATM system in Croatia Control. In COOPANS, he has been a regular member of the COOPANS strategic development group.