PANSA completes extensive UTM system workforce training

The Polish Air Navigation Services Agency (PANSA) has finished the series of its UTM system TTT (Train-the-Trainer) trainings for controllers and flight information service officers at 15 towers and 5 FIS sectors all over the country.

Around 180 controllers and 80 FIS officers will now be professionally trained by their colleagues to use the commercially available PansaUTM system for UAV traffic management. The training forms part of the PansaUTM certification process supervised by the Civil Aviation Authority of Poland.

PANSA controllers xxx themselves to the PansaUTM system two-way non-verbal communication CDDLC (Controller-Drone Data Link Communication), dFPL (drone Flight Planning System) and ATC/FIS workplace.

The training demonstrated that the PansaUTM system fulfil the U-space capabilities required by the EU up to the U3 level. During the training,  the workforce focussed on unmanned mission definition (dFPL), as well as tactical and strategical mission management. Participants went through over 30 possible UTM scenarios and also learned more about the system of electronic strips supporting the work of the ATS services.

PansaUTM is a digitalised and automated concept of UAV traffic management, which consists of PANSA operational solutions and a system part provided by the technological partner HAWK-E, integrated with the widely used the DroneRadar application.

The commercially available PansaUTM system was launched during the 2019 World ATM Congress in Madrid and the 2019 JARUS Plenary Session in Katowice. It is being implemented at PANSA headquarters as well as 15 civil towers, 5 FIS sectors and 17 military towers in Poland.