Dubai’s dans readies to meet traffic challenge of Expo 2020

Dubai Air Navigation Services (dans) is gearing up to double its capacity in order to cope with the expected growth of passenger and cargo aircraft movements across the country’s airspace in the run-up to Expo 2020 which launches in October 2020.

“We are living up to our reputation as a world-class air navigation services provider with an innovative culture and a diverse team of air traffic expertise. As it is we are well-known for our exceptional R&D, and for implementing unique air traffic management solutions,” said said Mohammed Abdullah Ahli, director general of the Dubai Civil Aviation Authority and chief executive of dans, at this year’s Dubai Airshow.

In line with the theme of the airshow ‘Dedicated to Connecting People’, dans is showcased its entire range of services focussed on technology to enhance safety and efficiency of airports and aviation services.

“Our emphasis this time is providing better service to our clients with the best technology to enhance efficiency and reduce cost of operations and at the same time ensure the superiority of safety and security. The airshow is of great importance to us, to advertise our motto of “Connecting People through better technology,” said Ahli.