FABEC Council commences new work programme

As the year begins, it’s time for the annual leadership change of FABEC Council executives. The Netherlands Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management has been acting as vice-chair for the prior 12 months and will now take on the role of Council chair.  They are replacing the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.  The position of vice-chair will now be filled by the Swiss Confederation.

During 2020, there will also be leadership changes within four FABEC States committees, concluding two-year official terms in office for the chair and vice-chair.

  1. The National Supervisory Committee led by Germany
  2. The Airspace Committee led by France
  3. The Finance and Performance Committee led by the Netherlands
  4. The Harmonisation and Advisory Committee led by the Swiss Confederation.

Netherlands Director of Civil Aviation Jaco Stremler said: “I look forward to working with the newly appointed European Transport Commissioner and to supporting activities directed towards the delivery of the Single European Sky. States are committed that FABEC will take a crucial role for the future of European aviation.”

Luxembourg Director of Civil Aviation Pierre Jaeger said: “FABEC States are actively engaged in providing safe and efficient airspace management. The positive results of 2019 demonstrate that close collaboration between the six member states is central to delivering this objective. FABEC has delivered, and I am convinced that it will deliver also in the upcoming years.”

Under the Netherlands presidency, FABEC States are committed to the Performance Plan agreed by the Council for the third reference period (RP3) between 2020 and 2024 and to supporting effective operation of the performance mechanism. The Council is also working on the transition plan for the Airspace Architecture Study and looking at ways of expanding civil-military cooperation. Workshops are planned on the Single European Sky and InterFAB activities, while the environment is among topics which will feature more prominently among Council goals in 2020.