Indra inaugurates new radar factory in Spain

The new factory, located in San Fernando de Henares, will support the company’s entire radar manufacturing for civil and military use.  Indra has a history of over 40 years in radar production, and has radars in operation on five continents, including the support of  NATO’s 3D radars.

Military technology that transfers to civil aviation

Clients in this market are both civil as well as military, which has enabled technology transfer from the former to the latter. Such is the case of the Lanza 3D radar which, although originally created for military use, is now very popular in the civil field and will soon make a significant technological leap with the new generation of LTR-25 tactical radar for NATO and other European customers. In the civil sector, the main mission of most radar systems is to optimally manage air traffic and to ensure the safety of passengers travelling by air.

One of the most sophisticated Indra radars is designed for spatial surveillance and has its origin in military technology. Another civil application of equipment produced in San Fernando is closely linked to the sustainability and the protection of the environment: the detection of oil spills in hydrocarbon extraction and handling environments using low-range radars.

Resolute commitment to innovation and sustainable production

The new factory is an integral part of the company’s digital and cultural transformation. The professionals of the new San Fernando factory operate according to the “lean manufacturing” philosophy, which not only aims for excellence thanks to the removal of processes that do not add value, but also minimizes waste, which means a reduction in the use of raw materials and other materials. The aim: to minimize the environmental impact and to ensure a sustainable production of radar systems.