HungaroControl launches SkyHub

(Photo: Adrian Pingstone/Wikimedia Commons)

HungaroControl has launched a new brand, SkyHub, which is the overall portfolio of products and services that lead to its tailored solutions for the aviation industry. From remote tower implementation through to advanced ATM tools and intelligent drone applications, they build each and every solution with one purpose: shaping tomorrow’s skies.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is becoming a key topic in the Air Traffic Management industry and HungaroControl is using AI to leverage its benefits within simulation and operational environments. An example of this is the Virtual Pseudo Pilot, a software solution for ATC simulators built with unique pilot logic, which executes pseudo pilot tasks. Additionally, the AI-based DeFog Tool is a state-of-the-art software solution enabling air traffic controllers to guide aircraft even in dense fog.

HungaroControl is well-known as an ANSP, but it also covers the full innovation lifecycle from basic research, through applied research and prototyping to market-ready product and service development.