FREQUENTIS AG: Acquisition of 51% share of ATRiCS, Germany

ATRiCS offers software products and services to airport operators and ANSPs. The use of these technologies, especially at major airports not only helps to reduce the taxi times of aircraft on the ground and decrease CO2 emissions, they also increase safety. Frequentis will also use the technology for remote digital tower solutions, at small and medium-sized airports.

The ATRiCS product and solution portfolio offers a number of direct application possibilities for selected Frequentis projects and will be significantly extended, particularly for larger airport hubs. There is also great potential in Flight Data Integration, where ATRiCS has established itself as market leader for the optimisation of departure traffic (e.g. Frankfurt, Hamburg, Düsseldorf).

“We are pleased that our acquisition strategy has been successful – with ATRiCS we can expand our technology portfolio by a range of new products and services,” says Frequentis CEO Norbert Haslacher. “With this development we will be able to serve airports and Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSPs) more comprehensively than before. We can offer our customers sophisticated solutions capable of increasing safety while simultaneously reducing CO2 emissions.” 

The owner-operated company, founded in 2002, most recently generated revenue of almost EUR 4 million. The company is profitable and will contribute accordingly to the EBIT of the Frequentis Group. The purchase agreement was signed on 5 March 2020 and closing will take place on 1 April 2020, from which date Frequentis will fully consolidate ATRiCS. 

“Frequentis is a strong partner with an excellent reputation in the industry. Together we can now bring our product range into global growth markets much faster and more broadly,” says ATRiCS CEO Wolfgang Hatzack. “As the management of ATRiCS we are pleased to be able to continue to actively Seite 2 | 2 

shape the future of air traffic, 18 years after founding the company. “Particularly when considering upcoming challenges in air traffic management, we recognise that this cooperation with Frequentis will provide many opportunities for us to contribute our long-standing expertise in the field of artificial intelligence and automation to integrated system solutions”.