LFV acquires the Eltel Swedish Aviation & Security business

Ann Persson Grivas gd LFV

The Eltel Swedish Aviation & Security business area provides technical operations and maintenance services to air traffic control centres, airports, other government agencies and companies in Sweden.In June 2019, LFV and Eltel signed a letter of intent for this acquisition which is now concluded.

“The acquisition of Aviation & Security business area from Eltel is important to the management and support of our operating systems to deliver safe and efficient air traffic services. This business area will continue to be a strong player in the market.  From this acquisition we will gain many competent employees who will help to develop both our own operations and projects delivered to other customers,” says LFV Director-General Ann Persson Grivas.

LFV has made the assessment that the business should be conducted under LFV management. This is based on the resumed total defence situation, the conditions stipulated in the new Security Protection Act and LFV’s sourcing strategy. The entire business area should be acquired, as LFV is currently Eltel’s largest customer within Aviation & Security. The acquisition will enable a continued delivery of services to the customers of Aviation & Security.

“Over the years, we have successfully developed Aviation & Security in Sweden. Since LFV is Eltel’s largest customer in the Aviation & Security business area, divestment of the entire business area is the best and most effective solution for everyone involved including employees, customers and other stakeholders,” says Casimir Lindholm, President and CEO of Eltel.

As a result of the acquisition, the Aviation & Security business area becomes a public limited company and a wholly-owned subsidiary and part of LFV Holding AB.