ERA provides complete ADS-B coverage in Fiji

ERA has been awarded a contract to deliver an ADS-B system covering the airspace of the Republic of Fiji.

One of the priorities of Fiji has been to cover the entire air space with up-to-date technology to provide surveillance coverage over all of the Fiji Islands and the traffic en-route connecting them. The installation of an ADS-B system by ERA is one of the main components of a new ATM system that Fiji plans to introduce starting this year. Fiji wants to increase the level of air traffic safety and requires a reliable, cost effective and robust solution that will be able to endure the typical humid climate and be resistant against corrosion of the salty air environment.

The contract was assigned by the local ANSP, Fiji Airports, in September 2019 as a result of a provider selection process. The project is a replacement of the already existing WAM and ADS-B system by ERA deployed at Fiji main island Viti Levu, dated back to 2008. The delivery consists of 10 brand new ADS-B stations and 1 central Processor, using solo ADS-B technology, which is predominant in this Asia Pacific region. Fiji follows the example of its closest neighbour New Zealand.