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IATA, SmartSky to enable business jet-reported turbulence data

October 28, 2019 0

SmartSky Networks, the provider of next-generation inflight connectivity solutions, is collaborating with the International Air Transport Association (IATA) to bring its open, commercial-ready digital services to IATA’s new turbulence mitigation platform, Turbulence Aware. IATA’s Turbulence Aware […]


Leesburg Executive to resume remote tests

June 11, 2018 0

Virginia’s Leesburg Executive Airport is to recommence testing its remote air traffic control system in June for a 30-day period. Phase 3a of the programme is set to begin June 25 and will involve off-site […]


AAL2 aiming to boost low visibility access

May 14, 2018 0

A consortium of key aviation stakeholders has come together to launch the AAL2 initiative to demonstrate augmented approach and landing operations. Building on the successful and award-winning SESAR Augmented Approaches to Land (AAL) project, AAL2 […]

Business Aviation

Leesburg prepares for remote tower testing

May 18, 2017 0

Virginia’s Leesburg Executive Airport will be testing remote tower technology this summer, requiring operators flying under both VFR and IFR to contact the tower. The remote tower concept uses a variety of high-definition camera and […]

Business Aviation

US bizav state case opposing ATO spin-off

April 18, 2017 0

US regional business aviation groups have voiced opposition to ATC privatisation as part of the new administration’s budget proposal. “Regional groups nationwide are speaking out, writing letters, holding meetings, hosting teleconferences and even getting non-aviation […]


NextGen complexity flagged as safety concern

March 23, 2017 0

The increasing complexity of US airspace has been singled out as one of the top areas of concern for the nation’s business aviation community. The National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) today released its annual list […]