PASSUR integrates ADS-B technology

August 14, 2012 0

PASSUR Aerospace is to integrate and display ADS-B (Automatic Dependent Surveillance – Broadcast) satellite flight tracking technology into its integrated traffic management solution. ADS-B is a cornerstone technology of NextGen, the FAA’s plan for a […]


US airlines score on-time record

August 10, 2012 0

The largest US airlines scored record marks during the first half of this year for on-time performance, the fewest long tarmac delays, and the lowest rates of canceled flights. According to the Air Travel Consumer […]


Brussels preparing for air traffic crackdown

August 8, 2012 0

Brussels is prepared to draft far tougher legislation to unify EU airspace after efforts to apply pressure on member countries to boost air traffic efficiency failed to have any effect. The European Commission is already […]


Slowing growth trend continues: IATA

August 2, 2012 0

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) announced global traffic results for June showing a continued slowing of growth in the demand for air transport. This is in line with weakness in business and consumer confidence. […]


Asia-Pacific launches collaborative trial

July 25, 2012 0

Aviation partners in the Asia-Pacific have begun a week-long trial to demonstrate the air transport efficiency improvements that can result from “Whole-of-Flight” Collaborative Decision Making (CDM). CDM is a management tool which facilitates the exchange […]


Airbus developing aircraft bird deterrent

July 23, 2012 0

Aircraft manufacturer Airbus is developing an embedded acoustic system under its Bird Impact Repellent and Deterrent System (BIRDY) programme. “The challenge is to develop a system that is effective for large number of species of […]


Airlines want NextGen to anchor US policy

July 20, 2012 1

Airlines for America (A4A), the industry body representing the country’s largest airlines, has called on the US Senate to support a national airline policy in order to keep its members competitive with foreign carriers, achieve […]



July 20, 2012 0

NAV CANADA’s Rudy Kellar discusses its AIRE project in partnership with the UK’s NATS and Air France aimed at boosting flight efficiency on busy North Atlantic routes. As a flight transits the ocean, fuel is […]


Atlantic group to widen ENGAGE scope

July 20, 2012 0

A global aviation body is supporting the roll-out of advanced flight trials across the North Atlantic Ocean due to the significant environmentmental benefits early tests have produced. ICAO’s North Atlantic Systems Planning Group (NAT SPG) […]


Air Iceland upgrades Dash 8 avionics

July 19, 2012 0

Air Iceland recently completed a historic 2,345 nautical mile trip from Toronto’s Pearson Airport (CYYZ) in Canada after the completion of a modification programme by Universal Avionics’ Authorised Dealer, Field Aviation. The Toronto to Reykjavik […]