All Systems Go

January 3, 2013 0

Atlantic Airways, the national carrier of the remote Faroe Islands, is marking the start of its silver jubilee year by celebrating the granting of full authorisation for its pioneering computerised navigation system for take-off and […]


Lights Out

January 2, 2013 1

The ‘rattler’ is the nickname for a notorious work schedule used in US air traffic control facilities. One safety expert recalls his experience of the fearful shift. I used to work the rattler shift as […]


On The Fence

January 2, 2013 0

The United States Air Force Life Cycle Management Centre is moving ahead with its Space Fence programme. Space Fence will be a system of up to two land-based radars, the first site located at Kwajalein […]

Single European Sky

A future for FABs?

December 5, 2012 0

In view of the huge effort that went into creating at least the legal framework for the nine Functional Airspace Blocks (FABs) and the recent hard words from the industry blasting states and the European […]


Galileo Valley

December 5, 2012 0

A helicopter recently flew over a very special Alpine valley to gather data on how Europe’s two satellite navigation systems – EGNOS and Galileo – will work together in future. The helicopter flew a variety […]


Handing Over

November 28, 2012 0

It is nearly two decades ago that the idea of Free Flight first surfaced in discussions about the future of air traffic management. Steve Zerkowitz chronicles its history. To put it simply, free flight means […]


Piecing together progress

November 19, 2012 1

The UN agency that governs global aviation freely admits that the stakes at the once-in-a-decade summit that commences today are particularly high. The International Civil Aviation Organization is expecting much from its 12th Air Navigation […]


On The Blocks

November 19, 2012 0

Last year’s Global Air Navigation Industry Symposium (GANIS), hosted by ICAO, provided the platform for the unveiling of the Aviation System Block Upgrade (ASBU) framework to be used by all states to upgrade their air […]


Cyber Wars

November 16, 2012 0

When the check-in services failed shortly after a high profile opening of a new airport terminal in June last year, the incident could easily have been written off by those inconvenienced as teething problems. But […]


Droning On

November 15, 2012 0

Driving drones can be a drag but a new study shows that distractions may alleviate boredom and improve drone operators’ performance. Jennifer Chu reports. On the surface, operating a military drone looks a lot like […]