Military ATC

Visual Copy

November 8, 2012 0

To ensure the controllers at Edwards US Air Force Base are at the top of their game, tower personnel train using a high-tech simulator that creates realistic scenarios that would be encountered during normal day-to-day […]


Global Gateways

November 8, 2012 0

As metropolitan economies in the United States expand their global reach through trade and investment, international aviation plays a pivotal role: the movement of people across national borders. An important set of metropolitan gateways have […]


Down Under Vision

November 1, 2012 0

Australia’s unique geography and reliance on aviation to bridge distances within the country and to the rest of the world, means that the national air navigation service provider, Airservices Australia, has been an early adopter […]


Virtual Worlds

October 30, 2012 0

Remote tower technology promises to revolutionise the provision of air traffic services. Last year, Air Traffic Management magazine interviewed several leading exponents of this technology. Round Table Participants: Detlef Schulz-Rückert, formerly head of tower systems […]


Third Time Lucky?

October 26, 2012 0

Two packages of regulations have been put in place and a third is now on the way, but for European airlines that are suffering under the existing inefficient system, the lack of progress is both […]


Going Large

October 23, 2012 0

Eurocontrol reports on how a pioneering project to offer aircraft operators direct flights and user-preferred routings (UPRs) across a huge part of Europe’s airspace, stretching from Poland to the UK, is underway with a consortium […]


Off Course

October 17, 2012 0

The European ATM Master Plan has undergone major revision and that has implications for the speed and scope of modernisation efforts. Steve Zerkowitz asks whether Europe is doomed never to learn the lesson of recent […]


Waste of Space

October 15, 2012 0

The European Space Agency (ESA) reports that a new radar designed to test methods for finding orbital debris that can be hazardous to space navigation has now been installed in Spain. The radar will be […]


Surf's Up

October 11, 2012 0

Migrating birds, NASCAR drivers and Tour de France cyclists already get it. And now the United States Air Force is thinking about flying gas-guzzling cargo aircraft in formation — ‘dragging’ off one another — on […]


Clutter Free

October 8, 2012 1

Much effort is being invested in addressing the problems of radar clutter caused by wind turbines. David Crisp, chief executive of Aveillant, offers a guide to co-existence with no compromise and no degradation The aviation […]