International Programmes

Papua New Guinea transitions to Thales’ TopSky ATC

January 28, 2019 0

Papua New Guinea’s PNG Air Services Limited has completed the transition to the TopSky-ATC system provided by Thales. Under Project NiuSky, PNG Air Services will be transitioning all ATC services in Port Moresby to the […]

Single European Sky

Luxemburg’s Jaeger appointed to lead FABEC Council

January 28, 2019 0

Pierre Jaeger, the civil aviation chief of the Grand Duchy of Luxemburg, has taken over the chair of the FABEC Council. The airspace of the six FABEC States of Belgium, France, Germany, Luxembourg, the Netherlands […]


SEEN extends free route access over Slovakia

December 10, 2018 0

LPS SR, the air navigation service provider of Slovakia, has opened its airspace for free route operations. The December 6 launch sees the ATC provider join the SEEN FRA (South East Europe Night Free Route Airspace) initiative […]


T minus 13 months

November 27, 2018 1

The US ADS-B mandate is coming, an immovable deadline looming over airlines, business aviation and general aviation (GA) alike, reports Mark Boguski.  Billions of dollars are being spent to equip with certified ADS-B equipment to […]


Tooling Up

November 27, 2018 0

Is the European Commission admission that it could allow ‘reasonable, justified’ exemptions for ADS-B retrofits an embarrassing climbdown as the 2020 deadline looms? Automatic Dependent Surveillance – Broadcast – ADS–B for short – is a […]